A Look at Fashionable Eyewear from Jimmy Fairly


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If you’re looking for eyewear at an affordable price, then look no further. Jimmy Fairly is a brand that was born in France, and has recently branched out to the UK, to offer prescription glasses and sunglasses at a great price.

The French eyewear brand Jimmy Fairly, have a range of frames to fit your face exactly. Designed and assembled in France, you can pick up a pair for £99 – all because it gets rid of the middleman.


The REED 2 frames are of particular interest. This trend-driven face accessory comes in two shades; ‘Cristal Kaki’ and ‘Ecaille et Cristal Brun’. With a free option of prescription lenses, the REED 2 frames are made from organic, ultra‑resistant material with anti-UV built-in. If you’re not in need of prescriptions, then the tinted lens work well as sunglasses.

For only £99, it’s a designer eyewear brand that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The range is available online or you can head on to their London Regent Street store where a member of staff will help you with your choice.

If the REED 2 aren’t for you, you can pick up the Riser sunglasses which have a more rounded shape to it. Or check out the entire collection over on their website (it’s all Unisex)


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