The Best Cycling Helmets Under £25


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A cycle helmet is the most essential piece of gear you’ll need as an avid biker. It’s important that you invest in a cycle helmet that will protect yourself on rides through the countryside or city. Despite the need for protection, not everyone can afford top of the range helmets.

Best Cycling Helmets Under £25

There’s a whole market of cycling helmets under £25 that can have a lot of us riders worried about whether or not they’re safe to use. The helmet should be durable, protective and comfortable whilst meeting safety standards, so choosing the right one is crucial.


C ORIGINALS S380 Cycle Helmet

C Originals Cycle Helmet

Coming in a total of 11 colour options, the C Originals S380 cycle helmet comes from a young cycling brand that values affordability and protection. With over 20 years in the helmet production industry, C Originals have created a unisex helmet that exceeds the CE EN 1078 safety standard. It can be adjusted fit heads of 55-61cm (enough for the majority) and features a 3D adjustable rear retention system so that you can position the helmet on further forwards, backwards, down or up.


Base Camp Zoom Cycling Bike Helmet

Base Camp Zoom Cycling Helmet

With an adjustable and removable shield visor, the Base Camp Zoom helmet is a perfect choice for the more avid and experienced bicyclers. It comes with enhanced protection features thanks to its moulding technology, whilst the shield visor provides a wraparound protection to the eyes. Shielding you from any rocks, dust or stones.

Ventilation is plentiful. The Base Camp Zoom has a total of 7 vents in-build for airflow and the high-performance pad design can be removed or added for a change in comfort and sweat management. Adjusting the helmet can prove slightly more difficult than the C Originals with just the one standard adjustment, but one size should fit all.


Shinmax Bike Helmet

Shinmax Bike Helmet

The Shinmax Bike Helmet is a stylish option with some handy features for your adventures. Made from high-density PC, the helmet comes in a total of 12 colour options from your standard black to a pink/green mix. What sets the Shinmax apart from the previous helmet options is the taillight feature. The light comes with a controller and three light options: steady, slow flashing and fast flashing, to help keep you visible with cars coming up behind.


Pidien Ultra Light Bike Helmet

Pidien Cycle Helmet

The Pidien Bike Helmet will have your head feeling weightless thanks to its ultra light structure and material. Weighing just 208 grams, just slightly heavier than a hamster, Pidien have used Eco-Friendly materials to produce a helmet that is reliable and functional. Just like the Shinmax Bike Helmet, it features a LED taillight with 3 modes included to improve rider visibility during dawn and dusk.

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