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What Size Strap?

It's important to choose the size of your strap carefully when purchasing one for your watch. Different watch cases use different lug widths mainly ranging from 20mm to 24mm in size. Buy a watch strap that's too large and you'll have issues putting the watch strap on, buy too small and it just won't stay in place.

You will need to measure the watches lug width to determine what size watch strap you need.

How to measure the lug width

Measuring Lug Width for a Watch Strap

Your watch has two sets of 'lugs', these are what hold your strap in place and can be found at either end of the watch case. The lugs tend to look like little horns that come out of the case.

The lug width is the space between the lugs on your watch. You can measure it simply using a household ruler with 'CM' and 'MM' as measurements.

The lug width will determine the width of your strap.