This is the Best Mens Wallet For Lots of Cash


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We get it, you’re the guy with all the 20 pound notes in his wallet that hates banks. Your money is overflowing, look at you, you massive hot shot. You’re probably reading this on the iPhone XS whilst sitting parked up on the driveway of your mansion. But what’s that? Your wallet isn’t good enough? Well we’re here to give you a free hand out. This¬†Flat Head Stockburg Mid-Length wallet is the best mens wallet for lots of cash.

On a serious note, it can often be annoying to have your notes and coins overflowing in all these minimalistic wallets. It’s a pocket hazard. Thanks to The Flat Head however, you can be sure to keep your hundreds (relatively) safe in a wallet built for you.

The Best Mens Wallet for Lots of Cash

This appropriately bulky wallet is constructed from vegetable tanned cowhide leather by the guys at Stockburg in Japan. 6″ in length and 3″ wide, the wallet is heavily oiled and is handsewn with integrated waxed nylon. Making it a wallet fit for a king.

The Flat Head is bigger than you’re probably used to, but not too big to be unsuitable for that backpocket of yours. Which is the reason for the whole, mid-length title.

With three card slots, two secret bill slots and one large bill slot, there’s enough room to pack in your business cards and big boy notes. Hold onto those notes though, because the wallet will set you back a hefty ¬£450.00. You might end up looking at a very empty wallet.

Available in Tan or Black

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