The Best Money Saving Apps To Manage Your Finances


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You’ve had enough. Let’s face it, we all have. Jumping from payday to payday without anything left over, wondering how you’ll ever save up enough money for that holiday. It’s a nasty cycle to be a part of, but thanks to technology and mobile phones, there’s now apps to help you manage your finances.

There’s a whole range of money saving apps out there already, aiming to save you money whilst also taking subscription fees. Sometimes these fees are worth it, but if you’re going to be investing to save, you deserve some guidance.

Starling Bank

Starling Bank App

This app-based bank is leading the fintech revolution. Banking straight from your phone, the app has a whole range of useful features to help you budget your money, as well as opportunities to gain exceptional interest rates.

The app breaks down your budgeting, providing you with alerts when you spend your money, as well as breaking down your spending into different categories. These categories include personal shopping, bills and food – allowing you to see where you spend most of your income.

Set yourself a budget and receive alerts when you overspend. With useful & colourful graphs that highlights where you can save your money.



Chip App Finance Management

This savings AI politely taps into your bank account with permission and calculates exactly how much money you can put away in your savings.

Are you finding yourself putting money aside, only to then take it back out? We know the struggle, you’ve got your money saved up and then you find yourself struggling the final days before payday.

Chip solves this problem by working in realtime, connecting with most high street banks, to put away money here and there. You receive alerts when money is put safely away and can be used to pay off your overdraft in one big sweep.

“Chip’s AI-powered algorithm calculates how much you can afford to put away, and puts it away for you automatically.”



Stocard Loyalty Card App

Are you the type of person to have about 15 different loyalty cards stuffed in your wallet? You have every plan of using them, but they’re all wedged in your wallet so deep you barely take them out.

Stocard is a fantastic app that works like your own digital wallet, storing your loyalty cards inside your smartphone. It works by storing the digital barcodes of your loyalty cards in the app. Whenever you stop by at your favourite store, just show the cashier the app and grow your points!

It’s a great way to rack up more points than you would if you kept those cards wedged inside your physical wallet.

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