The Best Memory Foam Mattress for Your Bad Back


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If you haven’t yet experienced the wonders of a good nights sleep on a memory foam mattress, then you’re really missing out. Casper Premium Memory Foam Rolled Mattress is scientifically engineered to give you your best sleep yet.

Casper Premium Memory Foam Rolled Mattress

For those suffering from aching pains in their back due to injuries or issues over time, a memory foam mattress is the soft but firm sleeping aid that you need. Memory foam mattresses are developed to support and relieve pressure points in your body. It does this because the heat exerted from these pressure points on the mattress, softens around the appropriate areas to support your body along its curves and natural lines.

Now choosing a memory foam mattress can be tricky, but we think Casper’s Premium Memory Foam Rolled Mattress is the one for you.

Casper have been creating mattresses since 2014, and have been one of the best-selling mattresses in the US ever since (They sold over approximately 2000 mattresses in the first month of launch). Their premium memory foam rolled mattress comes in seven different sizes ranging from Single to Super King. All of which comes rolled for easy and affordable delivery.

The mattress “combines pressure-relieving memory foam and a springy, breathable top layer to create a sleep surface that leaves you feeling perfectly supported and practically weightless.”

Exactly what you want right?

The difference between the Casper Premium Memory Foam Rolled Mattress and competitors is that it comes with this unique top layer. This open cell top layer is more breathable so that air can circulate freely. This stops you getting too clammy and sweaty during hot summers.

Prices range from £350.00 to £700.00 which is pretty steep for a mattress, but it’s an investment that your back will thank you for in the long run.


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