The Best Electric Blankets for Winter 2020


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The cold winter months are upon us and with isolation inevitable, a cosy night in will be all we ever know. Pour the hot chocolate and grab the mince pies, because it’s going to be a chilly one.

With lockdown taking full control of the holiday season, we can expect to spend a lot more time indoors, wrapped in blankets and watching the television.

For a lot of us, making sure that the gas bills are kept to a minimum are important and that means layering up. With cost and comfort in mind, one way that you can keep warm in the winter season is by using electric blankets.

Electric blankets are, you guessed it, heated blankets that use electricity to keep you warm. They work a bit like heating pads, through using an insulated wire inserted into the fabric that heats up when plugged into your mains. Most electric blankets come with temperature controls that allow you to change the level of heat or allow you to set a timer. Whilst the most advanced electric blankets offer an array of settings to choose.

It’s safe to say that electric blankets are not ‘new’ technology, however old electric blankets can be dangerous. With improperly used electric blankets generating a risk of fire and burns, it’s important to invest in a more modern blanket.

Not only is it important to invest in a safe electric blanket, but also use one safely as well. It’s recommended that you don’t keep them on all night when sleeping, but instead use them to warm up the bed before getting in. You can then turn it off once you’re ready to fall asleep.

A good electric blanket should consist of the following:

  • They should include a remote to change the temperature / timer.
  • They should be comfortable and made of a soft fabric.
  • They should consist of an overheat fabric for protection against burns.

With all this in mind, let’s look at the best electric blankets for winter 2020..

1. Slumberdown Wonderfully Warm Electric Blanket

First up is the Slumberdown Wonderfully Warm Electric Blanket, which is an absolute king when it comes to sleeping cosy at night. If you’re looking to invest in an electric blanket and have bit more to spend, then this is the blanket with you. The Slumberdown comes with an astonishing 9 different heat settings and features multi-zone heating areas that allow you to heat different parts of the bed. So you can keep nice and toasty at night whilst you’re other half isn’t roasting and having a go at you.

The Slumberdown Wonderfully Warm Electric Blanket comes with twin controls as well, so your other half can get to decide how hot they want their side and vice versa.

We said this blanket was king and by that we mean literally. The blanket comes in 4 sizes ranging from Single to Super King (slightly more expensive).

Made from deep filled, super soft, quilted fleece comfort, the blanket is a premium options and helps to aide a relaxing and quality sleep.

2. Cosihome Premium Electric Blanket

Cosihome Electric Blanket

Taking the number 2 spot for best electric blankets this winter 2020 is the Premium Comfort Double Electric Blanket from Cosihome. This ultra durable double electric blanket is cosy, comfortable and made from a soft polyester. The blanket comes with three heat settings: Low, Medium and High to give you full control over the warmth of the blanket. What’s great about this blanket is not only the comfort-ability, but also the ease of use. The blanket is machine washable with a detachable cord so that you can remove the electrics of the remote and plug it back in when needed.

3. MaxKare’s Electric Heated Blanket (Velveteen Throw)

If you’re not interested in heated blankets for the bed and would rather make do with a heated fleece for the sofa, then this is the electric blanket for you. MaxKare’s Electric Heated Blanket is a luxurious velveteen over blanket that will turn your living room into a luxury spa..kind of. Made from premium warm-keeping fabrics, you can snuggle in comfort.

MaxKare’s blanket comes with 6 heat settings with a 3-hour timer as well that ensures you’re not waking up in buckets of sweat. Just like the other blankets it’s machine washable (on cool) with the removable controller.

4. Warmer Electric Blanket

If you like the idea of a heated throw over the usual electric blanket then Warmer’s Electric Blanket could be an alternative option. The luxury heated throw comes with 9 heating settings, has a built-in overheat and overcurrent protection system as well as a detachable controller making machine washing easy. The fleece blanket itself is made from a charcoal grey coral fleece that is undeniably cosy.

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