Is Texting Dead? We think so.


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A generation brought up from traditional mobile phone to smart phones. We’ve found ourselves jumping from alphanumeric texting to qwerty keyboards displayed via LED touch screens.

But what’s the next step?

Texting is Dead

If you jump on your social media apps now on your phone, we can probably guess your top 5 most used applications;

– Facebook

– Snapchat

– Twitter

– Instagram

– Whatsapp

These are the five dominating products of the social media world that we find ourselves using on a consistent basis, with so much familiarity that we seem to have forgotten how much they have changed and are changing.


A social media platform that was originally an advocate for sharing your personal moments – has in recent years become that much of a video augmented and fake news fabricating machine. Gone are the days of taking time to tell others your stories, days, moments & experiences – a five-second consuming community that prefers output rather than input.

Facebook Content


Launching in September 2011, Snapchat was all about text on images. A simple application which saw 19 year olds pull their basic funny faces, write “this day is going sooo long, can’t wait to leave” and then send it to their 25 friends for them to ignore. It was, despite being image-based, heavily focused on text. The evolution of Snapchat, with Instagram Stories kept to the side (we’ll get back to that), has become a video-focused short version of facetime with a sprinkle of filters on top. With Snapchat Discovery and the location based service – we’re less focused on giving information via text, and more interested in viewing snap videos.

Snapchat Video Discovery


Perhaps Twitter is the social app that’s very rarely changed – an introduction to Vine & integration of Periscope saw the social media giant delve into video content, but text does seem to reign supreme. And yet despite this, the social media app has come under heavy fire with claims it is a dying social network – a social network which is losing active users on a monthly basis. If you compare Twitter’s active users (330 million) to Facebook (2,234 million) & Instagram (813 million) it really does appear to be a small fish in a pond full of sharks.

Twitter Vine & Periscope


Instagram has changed dramatically over the past few years and has truly dominated in user growth and activity. An application based off of images has successfully battled Snapchat in their own niche and is now looking to take over Youtube with IGTV (Instagram TV). Two massive changes that favour consuming video content and less about creating discussion. How many times have we read others captions & how much of our own time do we spend on our own?

Instagram - IGTV


How could Whatsapp, a texting app, possibly be a factor? Voice notes & Gifs. Look back at your most recent conversations and see how GIFS & voice notes have become such a massive contributor to your conversation. Can’t be bothered to text a response back? Hit them with a GIF. For a mobile app that is so orientated around communication, the wider community is spending a lot less time texting, and a lot more using viral media.

Interested in muting those annoying group chats?

Whatsapp Chat - Voice Notes


With society using their phones for communicating through more vibrant visuals – we’re becoming more about consuming interesting content, and exerting through easy-use communication.

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