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Being healthy, as everyone knows, doesn’t stop at exercise. It takes a nutritional and varied diet to ensure your fitness goals can be achieved. However finding healthy meals is easier said than done; that’s why So Shape offers a whole range of smart meals and food delivered straight to your door.

So Shape Fitness Meal Supplements

So Shape is a french-born brand that is increasingly popular with fitness bloggers and Instagrammers proving great results. A lot of stigma can come around ‘meal replacement’ fads, however So Shape offers its own nutritional meal options and plans to ensure you don’t suffer from calorie deficit.

What does So Shape do?

– Improves your overall health incorporating chronium to balance your metabolism, vitamins to boost your energy and Omega 3s to regulate your cholestral.

– Focuses on being lean not skinny, with low-calorie options with high nutritional value – there is a heavy spotlight on ensuring you don’t suffer from calorie deficit during your routine.

– Allows you to choose smartfood alternatives. Not only does So Shape provide you with nutritional shakes and supplements, there’s also a whole range of smartfood alternatives for creating muffins, pancakes, curries & more.

So Shape Smart Food

How does it fit with your lifestyle?

There’s three options for your So Shape journey & 22 different flavours, all of which work on varied lengths and nutritional benefits:

– Reboot – 5 day plan to get you bouncing back from binging.

– Remove – 14 day plan to lose excessive fat.

– Reborn – 28 day plan for long lasting results.

These plans offer a range of meal plan flavours including Indian Curry Pasta, Cookies & Cream Shake as well as Macaroni and cheese! You also receive a shaker bottle and booklet to help you on your journey.

Use discount code: GEARCUSTOM at checkout to double the amount of flavours in any 14 or 28 day challenge!

You can choose your plan and meal options directly from their site:

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