These Fancy Cityscape Blinds Are Storming The Internet


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When it comes to buying a set of blinds you don’t really have much of an option for creativity. From contemporary devonshire roman blinds to modern one night blinds, it’s kind of all just a bit bland isn’t it?

So when we found a set of blinds that are not only creatively cool, but are also made by a company that make varying city styles, we thought it was too enlightening to share.

The guys at HoleRoll have made this cityscape blinds that appear to show skyscraper buildings through perforated holes that allow light through. Obviously these blinds aren’t going to shut out all light, due to literally having holes in them, however it’s a clever and cool design for those wanting to upgrade their interior.

The guys at HoleRoll offer London, New York and a night sky version as default. With a choice of colours such as white, black or golden oak (We’d choose the black for maximum effect). The blinds may set you back $152.00, but considering the price of some other blinds, we think it’s worth it.

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