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Getting tired of the shaving routine? Every morning or every night picking up your basic wet shave razor and thinking, it used to be cool to shave with a knife and some soap – why can’t we go back to those days?

Straight razor warrior axe in Viking Celtic Nordic style

Well the guys at Magic Ethnics didn’t just go back in time, they smashed it – all the way to the Viking period with this Straight Razor Warrior Axe Razor. As you can see, it is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a mini Viking Axe for your shaving routine. You’re going to feel a whole of a lot more ‘manlier’ with this thing.

In a Celtic Nordic style, this razor is a handmade gift and comes in a gorgeous wooden box. The razor itself is completely real, sharp as hell and made from tempered steel. You wouldn’t want your kids thinking this is a toy.

Viking Razor Mens Gift

The handle is made from beechwood with a copper or brass waxed cord and with its size (10cm by 5cm), fits around the hand quite nicely.

Currently out of stock, but sure to have more in the future, you can buy it from here via Amazon (Damn we missed Prime day).

Viking Razor Mens Gift Box


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