This £35 Bottle of Gin is the Best in the World


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When it comes to an article on the internet telling you, “this is the best gin in the world” – it’s safe to say you’re probably skeptical. However the guys at the World Gin Awards 2018, will say otherwise.

Herno Old Tom Gin - Best Gin in the World

The World Gin Awards is part of the global drinks awards, which selects the very best in all internationally recognised styles of drinks, one of which being gin.

“Presented by, the world’s no.1 online resource for drinks professionals, the World Drinks Awards select, reward and promote the world’s best drinks to consumers and trade across the globe.”

The awards have been going since 2014, with a winner chosen in each category every year. With a variety of contenders in the line-up, it’s a fun and exciting way for gin makers, wine whiskers and whiskey creators to compete. And the winner for 2018.. Herno Old Tom Gin.

Herno Old Tom Gin

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The competition has taken place for this year, and after a whole range of contendors, Herno Old Tom Gin came up on top. The price of a bottle? £35.


Herno Old Tom Gin

Herno Old Tom Gin comes straight from Sweden and is described as a more botanically intense style of gin. The drink is infused with juniper, coriander, cassia, black pepper and lemon peel. The guys at Herno think they won the award due to the vanilla, meadowsweet and Nordic lingonberries added to Hernö’s traditional gin flavours.

Proudly swinging the flag for Sweden, Herno Old Tom Gin can feel confident and comfortable at the top of the competition thanks to its innovative distillery process.

Well done guys and girls, a great victory indeed!


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