The Rum Advent Calendar You Need For Christmas


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Looking for something to light up your cold winter days other than a blanket? You’re in luck. With reams of the Rum Advent Calendar, find yourself indulging in the tastiest tipples from across the globe of whom come together to create the perfect poison for rum lovers.

The Rum Advent Calendar Festive

Tradition suggests that rum originated in Barbados / Jamaica, with classics such as Cockspur and Mount Gay being enjoyed across the islands.

Enthusiasts who have different tastes ranging from white and dark to spiced, navy strength and beyond will find at least one or two tipples they’ll fall in love with. During the luxury tasting event, you’ll be treated to all types of rum hidden behind those 24 doors; each of which is measured at an easy 30ml dram.

Rum Advent Calendar - Drinks by the Dram

What are your expectations for this year?

Since winter is just around the corner, there is need to understand what is involved in the Rum Advent Calendar for this year. The theme is categorized into two major flavors; classic craft and fabulous themed rum. The selection is built from dark flavored rums, boutique options and award winning antique reserves, each carefully selected to feature make up an advent calendar filled with the world’s tastiest rums.

To avoid giving the whole game away, drams have been listed randomly. Two of the very best include;

  1. Facundo Equisito

Aged between 7 and 23 years old, Facundo Equisito was named after the founder of Bacardi Premium Fagundo label. Final preparation takes place at Sherry casks.


  1. Smith and Cross Jamaica Rum

Think of it as a Navy Strength version of classic Smith and Cross Jamaica rum to take your taste buds to another level. Lace your poison with a couple of ice cube garnished in lime juice.


Be among the lucky few

There is power in letting customers decide for themselves. You will notice that behind every door with a golden number conceals a different rum. For 24 days, they will be treated to different flavors. Of course, they shall have the perfect gift for their loved ones once the time period lapses.

Being a rum die-hard requires you to dig deep into pockets to get the best experience. A typical calendar is valued at 150 Euros.  This may sound expensive but the type of experience you will get is worth hundreds of Pounds per bottle. You only need to determine the mixer and whether or not you are interested in sharing the 30ml wax sealed bottle you have been given.

Still stuck on the perfect Christmas gift for your loved one? Try the Rum Advent Calendar available to pre-order from 31 Dover, Amazon and Master of Malt.

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