The Bitter Truth You Need For Your Christmas Cocktails


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With Christmas looming around the corner, a lot of us look forward to enjoying the festivities of evening drinks next to a fire. Cocktails are on the cards and since you don’t fancy going out to the bar, you’ve decided to make your own concoctions. But how can you make a cocktail that will impress?

The Bitter Truth offers a bar pack that celebrates a decade of the best bitters that can really spruce up your drink. Using award-winning bitters including tonic, cucumber, peach, chocolate and olive, this drinks assistant is a great opportunity for you to show of your bartending skills or use simply as a gift.


The bar pack is made up of five 20ml bitters in a beautifully presented tin along with a recipe for a range of cocktails. If they don’t quite tickle your fancy, there’s a range of others including ‘orange‘ and probably our favourite ‘celery‘.

The Bitter Truth Bar Pack

What are bitters?

Bitters are considered essential ingredients of cocktails. They were used frequently in bars around the US during the 20th century before the Prohibition, but disappeared as alcohol went underground. The Bitter Truth have brought them back to spruce up the century and reinvent modern tastes. We welcome them with open arms.

Each 20ml bottle is made up of a range of botanicals, fruit and aromatic herbs. Meaning you can drop the fresh fruit if you haven’t got time to run to the supermarket.

Add some high notes to your Bloody Mary or some olive after tastes to your Dirty Martini.

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