The Best Gins of 2018: Our Top Cabinet Selection


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The type of gin you tipple in your G&T or martini will greatly impact its taste and overall quality. Whether you like to use your gin in a cocktail or drink it on its own, you should invest in a quality bottle for maximum enjoyment.

Dating back centuries ago, gin was traditionally used for medicinal purposes. Deriving its flavour from juniper berries, the spirit is the most broad in style, flavour and aroma.


The Best Gin on the Market



1. Herno Old Tom Gin

Herno Old Tom Gin - Best Gin in the World

This bottle of gin has popped up on GearFav before after winning the World Gin Awards 2018 at the price of £35.00 a bottle.

Herno Old Tom Gin is distilled and curated in Sweden. Described as a more botanically intense style of gin, the drink is infused with juniper, coriander, cassia, black pepper and lemon peel. The guys at Herno think they won the award due to the vanilla, meadowsweet and Nordic lingonberries added to Hern√∂’s traditional gin flavours.


2. Langley’s Number 8 Gin

Langley's Number 8 Gin

Langley’s ‘Number 8’ makes reference to the eight ingredients in the recipe that come together to make an old-style gin perfect for a Gin & Tonic.

The gin itself is smooth to drink with a perfect balance of flavours. We’d love to reveal the recipe that makes Number 8 so great, but that’s a secret we shall never know. The aroma has a strong hint of lemon with an initial sharp taste blends into a dry spice. There’s hints of cardamom and nutmeg for those who fancy warm spices.


3. Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin

Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin

Originally distilled in Australia, this dry gin gives a modern twist to the tradition. The guys at Four Pillars love a cocktail and have developed the flavour and smoothness of the gin with that in mind.

The Australian twist is brought into the gin through the use of local botanicals. This includes Tasmanian pepper berry, lemon myrtle and interestingly enough Australian oranges. These mixed with the more exotic cardomam and coriander seeds creates a highly aromatic gin thanks to the added fresh citrus.


4. Bloom Gin

Bloom Dry Gin

Bloom Gin is the perfect gin for those not all too keen on gin. Due to its light floral and earthy aroma, Bloom Gin is an easier gin to swallow. The flavour of the juniper berries take a back step to make room for honeysuckle, pomelo and chamomile of which provide a sweet flavour that isn’t too sharp on the lips.

This gin is best served with tonic and strawberries to really bring out the flavour.


5. Tanqueray Export Strength Dry Gin

Tanqueray London Dry Gin

If you’re looking to upgrade your martini game, then the classic Tanqueray is the ideal gin for it. Citrussy and full-bodied, Tanqueray Export Strength Dry Gin is made from pink grapefruit, orange and lime with a hint of liquorish.

The gin itself is one for the history books thanks to its name and place in the world. Named after Charles Tanqueray who invented the world’s first known gin in 1830, it is the only gin that you can find in the infamous San Francisco Spirits Hall of Fame. That’s worthy of a try surely?


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