The Best Candles For Men - The Manly Scents For Home

The Best Candles For Men – The Manly Scents For Home

A manly candle isn’t really a thing let’s be honest, but there is something ‘manly’ about the scent of…

Tribit XSound Go Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The £24 Portable Bluetooth Speaker That Is Worth The Purchase

If you’ve ever experienced buying a cheap…

Bellroy Google Pixel 3 Case

A Handy Phone Case for Your Google Pixel 3 from Bellroy

Bellroy have been creating wallets since 2010 with…

De Griff Watch Straps

These Handcrafted Watch Straps from De Griff Are Luxurious and Affordable

Handcrafted in Belgium, De Griff watch straps offer a…

Barrington Watch Winder

The Barrington Watch Winder is The Perfect Gift for Watch Lovers

A Single Watch Winder in Racing…

Goodwin Smith Boots Sherwood Collection

These Sherwood Boots from Goodwin Smith Are Your Go-To for Smart Casual

The guys at Goodwin Smith have been…

HoleRoll - Cityscape Blinds

These Fancy Cityscape Blinds Are Storming The Internet

When it comes to buying a set of blinds you don’t really have much of an option for creativity….

Best Electric Bike Under £1000

The Best Electric Bikes Under £1,000

The concept of an electric bicycle is not new, but is definitely something that has caught on in the…

Bell Vintage Motorcycle Helmets

The New Designs For Bell’s Vintage Motorcycle Helmets Are Too Cool to Miss

We’re massive fans of vintage motorcycle helmets here at GearFav. Whether it’s a Gringo S from Blitwell or…

Mason's Dry Yorkshire Gin

17 of the Best British Gins on the Market

Originally used as a medicine throughout the 14th and 15th century, the juniper-based drink that we’ve come to love…

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