7 Apps that will Increase Your Productivity


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Keeping organized and time management can be hard in a fast paced lifestyle. There is certainly nothing more important than time keeping and production. Thankfully, the world of innovative tech has arrived to save us from tardiness and improper organization. From arranging your calendar so you never miss another appointment to data management, we provide the top 7 apps to increase your productivity.

Productivity Apps

The modern mover and shaker has shifted from the manual way of doing things and embraced technology for the convenience and efficiency it can provide. By downloading some of the latest applications to your smart device or desktop, it is possible to create a more productive stance. The following 7 applications seem to do just that!



If you have ever needed an all-in-one application, Wunderlist is the answer. This comprehensive little app packs a punch with the variety of features available. From organizing files into separate folders to maintaining and creating emails, Wunderlist seems to have it all. Considered a versatile app for optimum organization, the platform is easy to operate and has been considered among the highest rated apps for remaining properly organized while supporting productivity.

Wunderlist App Productivity

The app can be used for both personal organization and production for small business. It has also been considered suitable for those who need to keep track of business information while on the go. If you are in need of an application to manage your basic professional needs, we recommend this one. Wunderlist has developed its features to support a broad range of platforms making it readily accessible for those with different makes and models of devices. Some of the features you can expect include email syncing, adding attachments or files to mail, and supported messaging across the application.

You can be on the move and still access the major features provided you have a stable internet connection. Wunderlist has been designed to make organization easier, faster and simplified. It has received rave reviews because it has an interface that anyone can operate. It offers a multitude of useful features in support of productivity. If you are looking for a general application to manage your production or remain organized, this is it.



If you were ever in need of a basic yet functional email assistant, then Astro may be what you are looking for. While Astro lacks the flashy icons and the colorful gimmicks, it does what it promises to do. It is actually a bot that allows you to organize your email within Slack. The application has combined the bot and Slack to produce a comprehensive email app in which mail is shared privately or publicly along various channels.

Astro Email App

Astro has incorporated artificial intelligence. Owing to the integrated Slack feature, your priority mails and notifications are organized and expressed with voice technology. Email remains a sore point for many businesses. Astro has taken the initiative to combine some of the most advanced technologies to simplify common problems and make everything about mail creation, sending, sharing and prioritizing more efficient and effective.

The incredible tech incorporated in this app will alert you of unopened priority emails, spam and whether you wish to read or remove electronic newsletters. Astro has been designed for the smartphone and desktop making it efficient. You can access your mail from your phone or PC. It is important to understand the concept of advanced technologies and how these are becoming more prominent in the workplace. Astro is a reliable application that has incorporated the more sophisticated software to help you best manage your emails and basic reminders. With Slack integration, you will not miss the most important emails while performing various chat and other operations.



Lastpass is one of the most popular security management password tools. Whether for your business or personal needs, having to keep track of passwords to protect confidential information can be a nightmare. With the large number of important applications on mobile and web devices, password security remains a priority.

LastPass App

LastPass is one of those dependable password management apps. It helps you develop a secure set of passwords that remains safely stored in an encrypted online vault. The application can be downloaded to various devices utilizing the secured passwords. You can log in conveniently with just one tap.

Have you had the hassle of attempting to memorize multiple passwords for shopping websites to business processes and profiles? The LastPass app will store personal information including details to login to an online shopping site. You click and you are in with the knowledge your confidential data is secure. You can use LastPass on most devices including Android, Apple, Mac and Windows.



Evernote is an impressive application for maintaining efficient and effective organization of information. This online tool has become an effective solution for business and personal usage. To improve your productivity you need an online tool that helps manage your daily practices and procedures. Writing important notes on paper or trying to set reminders on your phone calendar are the most common ways of losing information. It takes time to sort through the information once you find what you are looking for. Evernote is a specialty application that creates a versatile and an efficient online workspace. From storing images to jotting down notes, Evernote allows you to perform multiple transactions in a single app.

Create reminders you can easily access and utilize the effective search tools within the application to search for specific details. A major advantage of using Evernote is that it can be synced across devices. You can work on your projects and professional tasks on your phone or desktop. This versatile app offers basic functions for the everyday user but for a more professional and premium experience, you will have to purchase the upgraded version.



When you need to organize important dates, reminders and events with a no fuss application, check out Blink. Blink is a Quickmemo application that is available on the Playstore. Having received fair reviews, we believed this nifty app should be given the recognition it deserves. Blink is fast, simple to use and offers a contemporary UI design.

From basic tasks to more detailed scripts, Blink is a notepad tool that helps organize data with effectiveness. Anything that you have planned or have in mind can be quickly and easily recorded in your Blink application for later retrieval. A single tap will help you create a memo from the formation of lists detailing the task reminder to recording passing ideas. Blink is a basic reminder and note keeping application but it does what it says and that is why we like it.



Your comprehensive production management tool, Trello will keep you on time and productive. This application has certainly impressed and seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. Trello is a smart business app that anyone can use. Although it is simple to operate, it offers a variety of interesting features assisting with all types of project management needs.

Trello has been designed for the creation and sharing of basic tasks from a to-do list to larger project management details. Its most successful design is in its collaborative tools. Trello is all about sharing. It works with a Trello board and cards. Depending on the priority of the task, you can drag these cards onto the Trello board in order of importance.

File attachments, images and the inclusion of hyperlinks are all part of Trello along with hyperlinks for shared content. The versatility of this platform allows you to incorporate services from other independent apps in support of efficient production and organization.

Its creative application includes the appearance of cracked and faded cards on your to-do list if these have not be checked or addressed over a period. It is visually powerful allowing you to respond quickly.


G Suite

While most smartphones and your PC come with its own set of document converting and software features, G Suite is a platform worth mentioning. The production tool works online and allows you to develop, share and edit various documents including Google Docs and spreadsheets. Its simplicity and speed encourage greater organization across projects.

The major advantage of using the document creator is the sharing features. The app creates efficiency by minimizing the need for continued emails and calls when working on projects. Offices can create a document, comment on it and share ideas without having to email back and forth. It is more creative and effective, helping one view the project undertaking while being able to comment on and share it.

Whether on your phone or PC, use G Suite to convert different document formats. From a PDF to Word or Slideshow, the app can deliver the document transformation with ease and convenience. No need to go sorting through various free conversion platforms when G Suite can do it for you.

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